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Eric Gao has been waiting around in a milling crowd for hours retro jordans for sale, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man responsible for his favorite shoes. The 18-year-old student is standing outside a Romanesque building in old Shanghai; inside, Michael Jordan is privately touring a space that has been refashioned into a retrospective celebrating the 30th anniversary of his shoe brand. The exhibit, called House of Flight, retro jordan shoes for sale comes complete with first edition Air Jordans, an old box of Wheaties, and a Hong Kong artist's collage of Jordan symbols (the jersey number 23, the phrase "I'm back," the six championship rings).

Gao can't get into the exhibit, but he's desperate to see Jordan, retro jordans for sale cheap not because the Chicago Bulls legend is his favorite player—that would be LeBron James—but because he's the one adorning his feet.

Gao is what fashionistas in the U.S. might call a sneaker-head retro jordans on sale. Jordans in mainland China start at around $100 and quickly shoot past $500 for classic styles, if you can find them. Gao's got 10 pairs. "I like the first edition, and the second, third, and fourth," he says, "and the eleventh and twelfth. I love Jordan." And in a way, consumers like Gao are the reason the House of Flight exists. It's part of a sustained marketing push by Nike, retro jordans online the company that makes the iconic brand, to make sure it can keep selling the shoes at a premium—by reminding Chinese consumers that the shoes are made for performance and not just for fashion.

A veteran sports industry observer, NPD analyst Matt Powell, retro jordans sale once described Air Jordans as "the top-end, conspicuous-consumption brand," so it was only a matter of time before the shoes tapped into China's still insatiable demand for luxury goods. On the streets of Shanghai and Beijing, Jordans have morphed into the fashion statements they are in the Bronx or the Beverly Center. "People are wearing Jordans all over the place," Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers marveled during his October trip to China for an NBA preseason game jordan retro shoes for sale.

In China's mega cities, Jordan high-tops are a favorite among girls in short-skirts, guys wearing tight jeans, couples shopping at the city's upscale malls, and moneyed mothers pushing strollers. Even though the sneakers first appeared in China in 1996, jordan retro for sale only recently have they become ubiquitous on streets—more prevalent, in some areas, than they are anywhere in the U.S.